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A. Bogarin’s Art Gallery

noviembre 26, 2014
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Art is not just seeable, but wearable: that’s what Andrea Bogarín and Demy López (young entrepreneurs and art lovers from Tijuana, México) are trying to show in every possible way.


Their concept is to transfer oil paintings into T-shirts. This idea came out in June, and they started to run the project in July 2014. Andrea and Demy, share lots of interests, one of those is to travel; so they planned the “small project” as a way to raise money to travel to Germany next summer… They never thought that this will become what it is today.

Now, this “small project” is their business, and they are really passionate about it. They really are a good team, Andrea paints and is in charge of the business accounting; Demy does the marketing and the digital design.


For many local entrepreneurs, is hard to get noticed by others, sometimes, you have to make your own path. That’s why A. Bogarin created the event “Meet the Locals” where not only could people get to know their project, but also other local entrepreneurs projects!

Andrea’s painting inspiration comes from her memories, her travels, the way she sees nature, colors and life. The painting’s design are changing every season, so as soon as you see your favorite, don’t wait to buy it!


Depending the costumers and trends, is how they choose the paintings they are going to transfer into t-shirts. But the challenge is bigger: combine art that can be used as a house decoration and art that can be part of an actual outfit.


Besides t-shirts, they have bookmarks and greeting cards, all inspired by her art. Their long term goal is to develop more in fashion industry, including accessories, such as purses and cosmetic bags.

Each outfit was created by themselves, expressing their own personality and style, but all of them sharing something in common: the t-shirts and identity from Tijuana.


I am very excited of the alliance “Bienvenida A Tijuana” with “A. Bogarin Art Gallery”, where Andrea painted the most representative symbols of the city of Tijuana, with her own creativity and style, and I really loved it! (this monuments are also on the blog’s logo.)


Afterwards, they took this new design on t-shirts, which are $15 dlls, and sweatshirts are $25 dlls.

You can find them in sizes: S, M, L and XL. You can order yours or get more info of this project in http://bit.ly/1xSMKig or facebook page http://on.fb.me/1vMf1YN or  abogarin.artgallery@gmail.com.

Let’s support local talent!



photo and video: Ballev

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