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Colectivo 9: a gastronomic patio for all tastes

July 31, 2015

A space for all tastes, cravings, colors, and flavors. A hall located in Avenida Revolucion leads you to this gastronomic patio.


Chalita: a combination of Mexican and signature cuisine, a mixture of colors and textures changing the typical concept of Mexican food with great creativity.


Barrica 9: You cannot miss out on a good craft beer to accompany your food, to taste, or just to have a good time with friends. They have a great variety of international and local beer from the región.

Tijuana-Colectivo94 Tijuana-Colectivo92

Empanadas: from the Margarita (tomato, cheese, basil) to the Marinera (Marlin with chipotle) all are delicious. Filled with different ingredients, they are perfect as snacks, or even full meals coupled with a house salad.

Tijuana-Colectivo933 Tijuana-Colectivo937

Santa Brigida: delicious craft cheeses are the base for their different dishes with clam chowder, paninis, quesadillas, a cheese board and more. A great variety of cheese including ricotta, white cheese, and flavored cheese (rosemary, tomato, basil, garlic, oregano, chile de arbol, chipotle chile).


Indie Burgers: each ingredient adding an equisite flavor to each burger, whether it is a beef burger, pork or portobello, all are delicious. Couple your favorite “Indie Burger” with french fries or garlic fries.


La Nona: delicious wood fired pizza, pastas, and lasagna. “La Nona” (mozzarella, green apple, gorgonzola and sugared walnuts) is a favorite.


Tatami:  Asian influenced dishes, where the star is the grill which adds unique flavors and aromas to the dishes.


Beirut: 100% Lebanese dishes presented in a special way by the Chef that was handed down recipes by his family. Traditional dishes such as Gyros (famous greek taco), falafel, and shawarma.


Geométrico Café: a great variety of cold and hot coffees, tisane, and teas, for your deserts or to accompany their delicious crepes.


I Love Pizza Brownie’s: sweet pizzas made of brownies with different ingredients such as nutella, strawberries, ice cream, nuts, chocolate, oreo, bacon, and the list goes on. They have their own flavors, but you can create your own combinations.

Tijuana-Colectivo944 Tijuana-Colectivo945

Located in Avenida Revolucion between 6th and 7th street, this is a project created by an integration of people passionate for gastronomy. This collective has helped reposition “La Revu” as one of the main tourist attractions of the city.


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photography: Ballev