Munchin Donuts: reinventing doughnuts

junio 11, 2015
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Munchin Donuts, innovating the concept of doughnuts, is the first gourmet doughnut bar in the city. Their creators Fernando Arredondo and Sergio Valenzuela are young Tijuana entrepreneurs who have reinvented this delicious concept.


They started through social media; from making the dough from scratch to home deliveries and selling it to schools, until a chef made the whole doughnut and now they have their own location.


“We never wanted to make a pretty doughnut, although people tell us they are. The idea is to make a munchies doughnut, that’s really good and big, we focus more on the taste than it looking pretty”.

– Fernando Arredondo, c0-creator of Munchin Donuts


There are all sorts of flavors for your different cravings at Munchin Donuts, combining flavors such as chocolate, caramel, Nutella, Snickers, bacon, pretzel, popcorn, walnut, coco, Reese’s, Almond Joy, and the list goes on. You can also create your own doughnut with the ingredients you like.


The best selling doughnut and a favorite of Munchin Donuts is the bacon doughnut, which around 100 are sold every day. I have had the opportunity to taste different flavors, all are delicious, but my favorite is the snicker with chocolate.


But that’s not all, soon they will have “much crazier” flavors, as the owners stated: ice cream filled doughnuts, the donachos, carne asada, and even a tequila doughnut!


Additionally, you can find brownies by “La Brownie Girl” which include Nutella brownies to Vegan brownies, which are delicious. Fernanda Treviño started selling her brownies during her free time and is now a distributor to different coffee shops and has her own space with Munchin Donuts.


They are located in Paseo Pedregal 1115 Playas de Tijuana. You can visit them any day of the week. They open at 7:00am Monday through Friday, 8:00am on Saturdays, and at 1:00pm on Sundays until their delicacies are done. More information:


photography and video: Ballev

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